Sunday, August 7, 2011

Maffick Monday #8

Hey guys,

Every Monday (or Sunday night) I will post something from one of three categories (setting, character, and plot). I will draw the idea from a little pink box so it will always be random and not necessarily a different category each week. Just complete randomness. You can create whatever you like with it: character sketch, song, interview, story, poem...whatever. Just get writing. And then come and post it here.

And please link back to Maffick Monday and don't forget to read and comment on other people's work.

Here's week eight's prompt...

What if everyone wore diamonds?


  1. How about forgetting the 'What if?' sometimes, and just giving us a subject - only an idea! :)

  2. I liked this one. I think questions are really good so don't throw them out entirely!

  3. Maybe I will try a mix for the plot prompts. Some will be an idea and for the ideas I can't phrase out of a question I will leave as is. Any comments on this format?

  4. Got here eventually! A mix sounds good to me - will try to remember to come back on Monday!